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      Mike Herran

      The Southern Region of the USDA Forest Service is planning to fill two permanent Senior Review Appraiser positions serving the State, Private and Tribal Forestry program and the National Forest System program. The positions are within the Southern Regional Office, Lands/Minerals/Uses (LMU) staff. The position is to be remote where you can work from home within 275 miles of the Atlanta Regional office. The position primarily supports land purchases, exchanges, and conveyances as well as special uses and Forest Legacy. Responsibilities include a wide range of valuation services, including contracting for real property appraisals and performing technical appraisal review duties. Requirements include a state appraiser certification and a designation or accreditation that requires approved classroom training in appraisal practice, experience requirements, a demonstration appraisal report or appraisal review report, and a comprehensive qualifying examination in the attainment of the credential. If interested and for more information contact Mike Herran, Regional Appraiser – Lands, Minerals, and Uses, Region 8 at or by phone at 470-532-4063.

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