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PRESIDENT – Michael Hunter, MAI
(404) 812-5002
Hugh "Bo" Bass, Jr., MAIVICE PRESIDENT – Hugh “Bo” Bass, Jr., MAI

– Peter Lamas, MAI

– Talani Casariego, MAI


Hugh "Bo" Bass, Jr., MAIHugh “Bo” Bass, Jr., MAI, Immediate Past President
(Ex Officio) (24-26)
Patrick Adamson, MAI, SRA Patrick Adamson, MAI, SRA
(Ex Officio) (23-25)
 George Petkovich, MAI George Petkovich, MAI, (Ex Officio) (22-24)
David Griffin, MAI, SRA, AI-GRS (22-24)
Robert R. Mancini, MAI (24-26)
Christina Thoreson, MAI, SRA, AI-GRS (23-25)

Marie S. Ikizler, MAI (23-25)
Adam Trammell, MAI, AI-GRS (23-25)


Suzanne Brockway, Executive Director
Office (770) 803-0024


Hugh “Bo” Bass, Jr., MAI (24)
Gregory N. Malcolm, MAI (23-24)
Matthew P. Smith, MAI (23-24)
Dori D’Esposito, MAI (24-25)
Christopher Calhoun, MAI (24-25)
Keith Nelson, MAI (24-25)

2024 Alternate Regional Representatives

Michael J. Brady, MAI, SRA, AI-GRS (24)
Jarrett Schleyer, MAI (24)
Matthew Rahn, MAI (24)
Bradley Smith, MAI (24)
Carolyn Sawyer, MAI, AI-GRS (24)
Ashley Jernigan, MAI, AI-GRS (24)
James Griffin, MAI, SRA (24)
Andrea Deeds, SRA (24)


Candidate Guidance

Matthew Albigese, MAI – CHAIR (24)
Grant Murphy, SRA (23-25)
Keith Nelson, MAI (22-24)
Andy Sheppard, MAI (24-26)

Diversity Equity & Inclusion

Marlon Day, MAI, SRA – CO-CHAIR (24-25)
Bruce Kellogg, MAI – CO-CHAIR (24-25)
Alonzo “AJ” Bryant (Practicing Affiliate) (22-24)
Catherine Cronley, MAI, AI-GRS (24-26)


Andy Sheppard, MAI – CHAIR (24-25)
Patrick Adamson, MAI, SRA – VICE CHAIR (24-26)
Jim Vernor, PhD, MAI, Education Provost
Chris Calhoun, MAI (22-24)
Talani Casariego, MAI (23-25)
Chris Farrell, MAI


Talani Casariego, MAI – CHAIR (24)
David Griffin, MAI, SRA, AI-GRS (22-24)
Bradley Smith, MAI (23-25)
David Chamberlain, MAI, AI-GRS (24-26)

Government Relations

Mike Hunter, MAI- CHAIR (24)
Joe Patrick, MAI (23-24)
Grant Murphy, SRA (23-25)
Jeff Bowling, MAI, SRA, AI-GRS (24-26)

Nominating Committee

Hugh “Bo” Bass, Jr., MAI – CHAIR (24)
Matthew Albigese, MAI (24)
Marcus Kilpatrick, MAI (24)
Mark M. Strouse, MAI, AI-GRS (24)
Sandra McAlister Winter, MAI, AI-GRS (24)


Education Scholarship

Sandra Winter, MAI, AI-GRS – CHAIR (24)
Lisa Jenkins Wells (Practicing Affiliate) (24)
Marc Kilpatrick, MAI (24)

Social Events

Mark Kilpatrick, MAI – CHAIR (24-25)
John McCullough (Candidate) (24-26)


State of Atlanta Conference

Hugh “Bo” Bass, Jr., MAI – CHAIR (24)