Rob Lawrence looking for a break into the appraisal industry

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Welcome to the Atlanta Chapter FORUMS EMPLOYMENT FORUM Rob Lawrence looking for a break into the appraisal industry

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      Suzanne Brockway

      “Hello to all!
      My name is Rob Lawrence and I am looking to break into the appraisal industry. I am currently enrolled in the Mckissock Learning School to obtain my GA Appraiser Trainee license and have completed 3 of the 4 courses (need to take the USPAP course test and Residential Report Writing and Case Study course). My goal is to find analyst opportunities where I can begin working with an appraiser or within an appraisal management company to gain working experience so that overtime I can be in a position to one day earn the MAI designation. I can be reached anytime by phone 404-313-5897 or email:
      Thank you”

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