Commercial Real Estate Appraiser Positions Available

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      George Galphin

      Chattahoochee Valuation Group, LLC has immediate openings for commercial appraiser positions. Candidates for this position must have excellent written, verbal and communication skills, working knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel, and must have research and analytical skills. Commercial appraiser job responsibilities will include appraising a wide variety of property types within the Atlanta region and throughout the Southeast. Remote work options are possible.

      Chattahoochee Valuation Group is a full service commercial real estate appraisal and consulting firm based in Cumming, Georgia and primarily serves metropolitan Atlanta and northern Georgia. We provide a variety of valuation services including appraisals, litigation support, tax analysis, consultations, market studies and feasibility analysis. We appraise a wide variety of commercial properties including multi-family, mixed-use properties, subdivisions, offices, industrial, lodging, retail, self-storage and timberland portfolios. For additional company information please visit

      Our staff positions offer a competitive fee split, telecommuting possibilities, 401K with company match and health insurance options. Please submit resumes in confidence to

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