Commercial Appraiser Position

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      Richard Kenny

      Do you want to be part of a company that is working together to reimagine the field of real estate valuation? Keystone Valuations is a dynamic, team-oriented company focused on modernizing the real estate appraisal industry by developing exceptional processes to streamline and simplify the way real estate appraisals are accomplished. Join our team and help us revolutionize the future of real estate valuation!

      We are currently hiring a commercial appraiser:

      Potential for flexible work location after initial introductory period. Salary is determined by the level of appraiser licensure completed.

      Job Duties

      Work closely with a supervisor to complete commercial appraisal assignments
      Utilize subject matter expertise to assemble and verify comparable properties
      Compare and analyze trends at the local and national level to properly generate the best comparables for property valuation
      Data entry
      Utilize the three approaches to value, with special emphasis on the sales comparison approach and income approach, to derive at the subject property’s fair market value
      Inspect commercial properties of all asset types
      Provide status updates of appraisal projects
      Take appraisal classes and engage in other learning opportunities
      Develop and maintain relationships across the real estate industry with brokers, lenders, and other market participants
      Work directly with the development team to continue to improve our technology
      Keep abreast of macro and micro industry trends within commercial real estate

      Bachelor’s degree
      State Registered Appraisal License
      Minimum 3 Years Experience
      Strong analytical abilities and customer service focus
      Excellent written and verbal communication skills
      Excellent time management and organization skills, as well as the ability to execute on multiple projects with overlapping timelines
      Proficient in Microsoft Word and Excel

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